*NEW* Intro. to Ritual Magic 11/16/17

*NEW* Intro. to Ritual Magic 11/16/17

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What IS a ritual, really? 

We will dive all the way in discussing:

  • The roots of common rituals in different practices.
  • Prep & tools
  • Expectations
  • Magical Awareness
  • Accomplishing your purpose

Join me, bellaD, for approximately 2 hours of ritual info & magical importance in everyday life in modern age Magic.  It is very much alive & therefore, ever-changing!  We will be learning the basics and elaborating on a couple of “universal” rituals I commonly put on leaving each participant with better capabilities of creating your own rituals & manifesting your own magic!!! 

Class is helped via Google Hangouts.  Please be sure your device will work with this platform BEFORE the course!  Class will be held at 7 PM EST on the day it is being offered.